"A special thank you to our community of moms, friends, family and feeding therapists that have supported us along this journey!" AnnMarie

Little Grubbers is the brainchild of AnnMarie Williams—a certified Occupational Therapist, feeding specialist, and our cherished mompreneur. Led by AnnMarie and her kids we are a family owned developer of premium baby feeding products that make a difference!


Driven by her firsthand experience helping over 20,000 families with their individual feeding challenges; AnnMarie identified a significant gap in the marketplace. She realized that there weren't feeding utensils that actually enhance the feeding experience!

This realization sparked the birth of Little Grubbers—a mission-driven initiative aimed at turning mealtime into a transformative and enjoyable experience for both parents and their little ones through the child's development, product functionality, qualitative research, and play.