The BEST Spoon for your Baby!

Research backed and evidence based.

Studies show babies prefer our innovative 3-in-1 Baby Spoon ™ over the competition. When your little one has a utensil THEY genuinely WANT, feeding becomes a breeze! Our spoon isn't just a utensil—it's a catalyst for self-feeding, fostering confidence and skills through delightful, playful mealtime experiences.

The Ultimate in Feeding

Functional and Developmentally Appropriate!

Introducing the worlds first ever 3-in-1 Baby Spoon ™ – it's not just for feeding but for making mealtime fun, fostering growth, soothing relief, and bringing joy to your little one's world!


Animal Character Head

Designed to captivate your little one's imagination, these fun companions motivate kids to embrace independence by grabbing and using the spoon themselves, nurturing their skills while they explore. But that's not all – these charming characters double as intentional teethers, soothing those teething woes while your baby discovers the joy of self-feeding and development!

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Ultra Versatile

Super Grip Handle

A vibrant, colorful delight that's not just eye-catching but also designed for your little one's tiny hands! With a soft touch and just the right flexibility, it boasts 13 non-slip semi-built grips, ensuring a secure hold for your baby as they learn to feed themselves.

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Researched Based

Perfect Scoop Bowl

Crafted for those starting their feeding journey! This specially designed bowl fits their tiny mouths effortlessly, ensuring just the right depth for easy food transfer without excessive messy spills. Encouraging developmentally appropriate eating habits, it promotes lip closure as babies learn to remove food, fostering independent and confident eaters from the very start!

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Packed with Extra Value!

Developmentally Appropriate

All Little Grubbers baby spoons are “developmentally appropriate” with special features that promote each child’s optimal development and learning through a strengths-based, play-based approach to joyful, engagement in feeding. Functional and practical skills that are learned with our spoons include grasping, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, sensory awareness and baby-led-weaning.

Quality Materials

All Little Grubbers baby spoons are made using 100% premium food grade silicone. This is the safest choice for your baby! It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, dishwasher and sterilizer safe, can withstand heating and freezing, and doesn’t leach harmful chemicals. Premium silicone is also softer than other spoon materials, like stainless steel, which makes it more appealing for babies with sensitive gums or those who are teething.

Designed by Feeding Specialist

Little Grubbers was founded by renowned Pediatric Occupational Therapist AnnMarie Williams, with nearly 20,000 kids/families served and 20+ years of experience, she is considered a early intervention expert, and feeding specialist. Her passion for fun transformative feeding experiences led her to develop the safest, most functional, motivating, and effective evidence-based baby feeding products in the marketplace.

100% Baby Safe

All Little Grubbers products are 100% safe for your baby. They’re PVC free, BPA free, Phthalate free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and have no harmful chemicals.

Grows with your Baby

From first tastes at 6 months to independent feeding at 2 years, our spoons grow alongside your baby, ensuring every milestone is met with ease and joy!

  • "As an occupational therapist, I highly recommend these spoons! The design not only encourages developmental milestones but also eases the teething process. Watching my patients build confidence with these spoons is incredibly rewarding!" - Emily R., OT

  • "These spoons are fantastic! My baby took to them right away. The size, the grip, everything is spot on. She also adores chewing on the animal heads, and I appreciate how they motivate her to self feed. Highly recommend!" - Ryan S.

  • "These spoons are in a league of their own! I've tried other baby spoons, but nothing comes close to the functionality and pure joy these Little Grubbers spoons bring to feeding time. This is a must have for every parent" - Lisa M.